Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Kinda boring but here if you're interested.

Privacy Policy

Well I don't require (or even have the option for) you to create an account to use any of the material on this site. There is no newsletter list or anything like that. So pretty much I don't, or intend to, collect any data about you. I guess that means you can be faily confident we're not going to use or abuse any of your personal data in any way.

We do use Google Adsense for advertising on our site and Google uses cookies in order to track users. We ourselves don't see or use these cookies however.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of Google.

Terms of Use

If you are a teacher, academic, manager or trainer and wish to use this material in your classes or training you are more than welcome to link to these pages and refer your students here or show them in your classes (in fact I'd be chuffed if you did), but please do not just copy my material.

I've put a fair amount of time and effort into creating these resources so please be cool and do the right thing.

Unless otherwise noted, I am the legal copyright holder for all material on this site and you may not use, reprint, (partially) modified or published without my written consent.

There are links to other websites which you will find scattered throughout the material. I link to these websites as I believe they have useful resources. I don't run these websites so don't make any guarantees about the material you will find on those sites.

Ad Blockers

I know I can't stop you from using ad blocking software but I'm still going to ask you to please not do so on my site. The advertising on my site I believe to be minimal and not offensive (unlike other sites potentially). I don't make a lot of money from the site but what I do make allows me to cover hosting and a small amount of the time I spend creating this material.

(This is not a request for you to just click on ads for me, only click on an ad if you are interested in what it is offering. It is a request, however, for you to not block the ads which part of my income is derived from.)


Unfortunately, in this crazy and litigous world we now live in, one has to keep themselves covered so here is my disclaimer.

To the best of my knowledge, the material contained within these pages is correct. I make no guarantees however. I also take no responsibility for any damage you may do based upon knowledge gained from here (even though the chances of doing so are relatively small at best). Please use common sense when using any of the knowledge and skills gained from using any of the material you find on my site.


Phew. Now that that's over, let's get back to learning and having fun.