Final Thoughts!

Where to from here.


This is the final section in this tutorial on HTML. I'd like to use it to briefly summarise some of the main points and discuss where you should go from here.

After reading through this tutorial you should now have a very solid foundation in writing elegant HTML to create web pages. It is really just the tip of the ice-berg however. For some of you that will be enough for your needs, for others it is the starting point for further discovery.

What you have learnt

You now understand how to use the basic HTML tags to mark up your content so that it may be viewed in a browser. Remember to strive for clean, elegant and easy to read HTML.

Remember, the aim of HTML is to describe the content and only to do this. Well written HTML gives your content meaning and makes the overall structure of the document easy to understand.

Where to from here?

Practice and exerience are they key to mastering writing good HTML code. Over time you will naturally get better and better.

For a lot of you, you will also wish to take your knowledge even further. There are many more HTML tags still for you to discover which will allow you to create even more interesting content.

HTML is also just one of the 3 foundation technologies which come together to create the rich and immersive pages you have come to expect on the modern internet. Next on your list of technologies to learn is:

  • CSS - which you may use to add visual style to your pages and more engaging layouts.
  • Javascript - which allows you to add interactivity to the content on your pages.

You may also be interested in learning more about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you have a desire to get your content noticed by search engines. It is a very interesting and creative area to explore. (Just don't get sucked into any black hat SEO, it will hurt you in the long run.)

Final Word

Ok so you've worked through my HTML tutorial. Congratulations, you've now aquired some very useful skills and knowledge. Next you need to gain experience. You're HTML foo is no doubt reasonably good now but it will only get better with practice.

Remember too that this tutorial is not a complete reference on HTML. I've tried to cover the most important and essential bits. I hope your experiences with HTML are, and continue to be, awesome and I wish you the best of luck.

Also, if you have any feedback on this tutorial (or any of my others) I would be happy to hear from you. It could be a typo you have spotted, or some other error, a bit you feel could be written more clearly, or just that you found it useful. While I can't guarantee to act upon all feedback I do very much appreciate it.

You may drop me a message at

More importantly (especially if you found this tutorial useful), don't keep it a secret. The best way to say thank you is to make sure you share this tutorial on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or whatever the hip and happening social platform of today is), give us a shout out on your blog, tell your friends and co-workers, etc.